Faxploit Gives Access to Hackers Via Your Fax Machine

Faxploit is a new way cyber criminals are gaining access to home and business networks by exploiting all-in-one printer-fax machines and a fax number is the only thing required to carry out the attack – no internet connection needed! You may be thinking, “Who uses a fax machine anymore?” but some industries—like healthcare—still depend a lot on this type of communication.

Here are some things you can do to fend off this type of attack:

  • Keep your devices up-to-date with patches provided by the manufacturer.
  • Disconnect any phone lines from your fax or all-in-one device where you aren’t using the fax feature. This will route all potential traffic through the internet, allowing your firewall to control and monitor traffic.
  • Understand how to detect problems on your network. If you are unsure how to get a handle on this, you may want to consider having a risk assessment performed. A good place to start is with a FISASCORE security assessment. Take the free assessment now to help you get an idea of where your organization is related to the health of your information security.

There is no way to have a fail proof system, interruptions will happen and threats are ever changing. The key is to act proactively to forecast these changes and to be able to respond to new threats as they emerge. BerganKDV’s technology team is on hand to help your organization implement the right tools and solutions to monitor, maintain and manage your technology systems efficiently and effectively. Start here.

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