Evaluating Your Open Enrollment Campaign

How will you know if your open enrollment campaign was a success? To answer this question, you will need to start by looking in the rear-view mirror for a bit. As an HR team, sit down and talk about the successes and challenges during your last open enrollment campaign. You may want to also ask your employees for some feedback, although this is probably best captured right after your campaign ended.

Here are some questions to kick around:

  • What communications materials do you think worked well last year?
  • What channels of communication did employees engage the most with? Email/group meetings, 1:1 consultation?
  • Did employees feel confident about their choices or were there a lot of one-off questions? If so, were there common themes to those questions?

From there, you also need to identify some things you will measure for this year’s campaign to determine its success. Here are some examples for some targeted percentages:

  • Employees who enroll before the deadline
  • Employees who elect to take a certain benefit
  • Employees who attend at least one informational meeting
  • Email click through rates of open enrollment messages

Now that you know what you are measuring, you have a starting point for your debrief after open enrollment ends. And, as I said earlier, after the campaign ends, you should reach out to your staff to solicit feedback on what went well and what roadblocks they encountered. Here are some ideas for questions you could ask:

  • How satisfied are you with the benefits offered by your organization?
  • I have a clear understanding of the benefits package offered by my organization.
  • Which three benefits already offered by your organization are most important to you?
  • What are the three most important benefits that your organization does no yet offer and you would like to have?

If you have a self-service portal that employees used, you can also access data from there to see what benefits were selected as well as other data.

After open enrollment is complete and you have all your data collected, it is time once again to sit down as a team and debrief while the information is still fresh in your mind. You may uncover some issues that need a deeper dive.

For example, maybe you introduced a new voluntary benefit and participation was lower than anticipated. Were employees unaware of the program, or did they not appreciate or understand how using the program could result in better health and financial outcomes? Or did they just not care? The answers to all of these questions can, and should, drive your communications efforts for the year ahead and inform your plan design decisions moving forward.

Taking the time to study how your campaign was received will help you continue to fine tune your open enrollment process and improve your employees’ experiences and benefit selection that is aligned with their goals and family needs.

CATEGORIES: Human Capital Management
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