Dental Stats Provide Benchmarks to Improve Practice Management

The 2016 dental statistics, compiled by a team of BerganKDV accountants, provide a comparison for dentists to analyze how their practices stack up with their peers. For more than 30 years, dentists and orthodontists have provided data on their practice operating costs and revenue to BerganKDV. This data is compiled into a report showing average income before owner compensation and expense categories as a percentage of collections.

“The overhead survey results feature an anonymous collection of practice revenue and expense figures by practitioner,” said BerganKDV CPA and dental specialist Jamie Katz, “We sit down with dentists to show them the results in the form of high-low ranges, averages and comparisons to previous years. It is a great resource to highlight areas of strength and improvements for the dentists.”

Included in the report is a 2016 wage and fee survey compiled by Bill Rossi, president of Advanced Practice Management. Also included in the report are statistics on production, collections, new patients, insurance, software and more. His team are actively involved with more than 250 dental offices throughout the upper Midwest.

Personalized survey results are distributed to participating dental and orthodontic professionals. General copies are provided to some bankers, brokers and consultants who request data to better serve the dental community. BerganKDV works with many of the professionals surveyed to help analyze their practice using survey results. These dental and orthodontic professionals say it helps them better manage their practice by understanding standard operating expenses, the average cost of these expenses, and the comparison of their practice’s costs to the profession’s average. When used as a management tool, dental professionals are able to control costs by determining which expenses are above average and making corrective actions.

If you would like to learn more about the 2016 dental statistics, please provide the below information and a BerganKDV representative will contact you.

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