Demand Explodes for BerganKDV’s Workforce Management Software

In the past 14 months over 120 organizations have signed agreements to implement K-Pay, BerganKDV’s Workforce Management Software, a one database cloud software to manage their workforce.

K-Pay contains the following functionality:

K-Pay Features

Business and sales professionals use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to manage their leads, prospects and current customers.  Manufacturing companies use an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software to manage their production.  Yet most organizations fail to invest in a system to manage their most valuable asset – their people.

Not having workforce management software results in internal human resources and accounting departments spending the majority of their time pushing paper rather than adding strategic value to the company. Additionally, most organizations we meet with who have invested in these tools are often using upwards of four to eight different software applications and vendors.  Managing how all these systems work (or don’t work) together is nothing short of chaos and wasted energy.

This trend is changing in a BIG WAY as more businesses are recognizing the value of having the entire employee lifecycle within a single solution. BerganKDV continues to invest heavily in the user experience for HR managers and employees to maximize productivity, compliance and employee engagement.  With K-Pay you truly can eliminate the biggest frustration our workforce asks; “which system do I go to?”

About K-Pay:

Whether you employ the entire suite of applications or deploy a single solution, we give you the tools to increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, and optimize processes.  Looking for more information? Use the form below to contact us today or watch a quick video on K-Pay.

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