Is Your Business Ready for Technology Managed Services?

In today’s business world, technology decisions can help your business move forward, or hold it back. Managed services can keep you ahead of the curve by improving your business in various ways. Here are five questions you can ask yourself to see if you’re ready for managed services:

  1. Are you tired of having to hire new talent every other year? In today’s employment market, it is growing increasingly difficult to attract talented people. Once you do find them, it can be challenging to keep them engaged as the job can become repetitive. Using a managed service provider can help offload the burden of retaining talent with a highly-valued skill.
  2. Do you want predictable monthly costs? Within a managed service offering like bComplete, costs can be managed efficiently. Budgets are formed and followed so your costs are estimated each year. Projects are planned and known months ahead and surprises are taken out of the equation.
  3. Is your current system proactive or reactive? If you have to explain unplanned outages on a regular basis to your management team, managed services can help you. Devices are proactively monitored, remotely remediated when possible, and patched regularly. Downtime is planned and communicated so there are no surprises. Basic systems are set up consistently to all for ease of management using standardization across your environment.
  4. Would you rather have a team than “my IT person”? Managed service brings the expertise of a team to your technology issues. You don’t have to rely on one person to solve your problems. Experts can be brought in to address a wide variety of issues and give you options to solving your problems.
  5. Are you ready to make strategic decisions about your technology? Managed services can alleviate this problem by using business reviews and planning meetings to create long-term plans. A managed solution will listen to your issues and help plan the future of your technology goals, keeping your business goals in mind.

If you’re ready for this type of solution, feel free to contact us to discuss our bComplete offering.

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