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Accelerate your revenue and get more Payroll, Timekeeping and HR implementations completed with Project Tracker.

A Cloud Based Tool Built Specifically for Payroll Service Providers

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Running a payroll, timekeeping and HR implementation is a huge challenge. Setting proper expectations, keeping team members on the same page, communicating changes and holding your internal team members as well as the client accountable is nearly impossible using outdated tools like Excel, Google Docs or Drop Box.

• Your sales team is selling faster than you can implement creating a huge backlog.
• Clients are often late delivering data by the date requested.
• Key information shared by the customer is lost in email inboxes and not shared with the entire project team.
• Go live dates are pushed out on many of your implementations.
• Team members and clients are not held accountable.
• Clients are unsure of the process and upcoming steps.
• Your company is losing deals to the competition by not being able to get clients live fast enough.

Project Tracker is a tool developed specifically for payroll bureaus and is focused on driving standardization and getting
more implementations done. Key features include:
• Easily monitor all of your implementations from a single dashboard.
• The payroll company and the client are both able to work in the same web-based portal for the project.
• A dynamic project timeline that can be updated by any team member in real time.
• Real-time visibility for leadership teams to view the progress of the project and any upcoming or delayed tasks.
• A differentiated sales process by showing how your organization will deliver on the prospect’s implementation.
• Changes client behavior. Clients will be better involved in the process and you’ll get what you need to keep the project on track.

The bulky administrative tasks of a project are handled automatically, letting your key employees focus on the actual project. You’ll win more deals with a differentiated implementation process. Implementations are accelerated by an average of one to two pay periods providing service bureaus with thousands of dollars in increased revenue each month and upwards of 10% efficiency on the labor costs put into each implementation.

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