Exploring Human Capital Management

Exploring Human Capital Management


Season 2 kicks off with Adam visiting with Human Capital Management Consulting Manager Micah Zirnhelt and how he helps people solve their HCM challenges by using our K-Pay platform for payroll, timekeeping, benefits, and other HR needs. Things have certainly changed from his first job adding up timecards with a ten-key.

Adam and Micah talk about how technology and artificial intelligence is changing the landscape for HR professionals and helping organizations be more effective in managing their talent. They chat about how HCM is a core piece of BerganKDV’s business and how the firm is staying at the forefront.

They dive deeper into the K-Pay platform, powered by Kronos. It’s so easy to use, even Adam can figure out how to interact with the software and its self-service capabilities to take care of his HR needs. Which gives our HR team and other leaders to be more strategic and data driven.

As the podcast wraps up, Micah shares the key question people should think about for the future of human capital management. And the joy of ditching spreadsheets.


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