Launching a Sales Team with Lee Roberts

Launching a Sales Team with Lee Roberts

In this episode of Up and Adam, Adam sits down with Lee Roberts, the Director of Sales at BerganKDV to talk about how to best launch a sales team at an organization.

To begin their conversation, Lee talks a bit about his journey at BerganKDV. When he started at the firm 16 years ago, there were only 60 team members, and he was the only salesperson. Lee talks about his personal experience of being the initial salesperson and what he needed to do to build a successful sales solution.

Lee and Adam then discuss how the sales process has changed over the years and what selling looked like before the technology advancements we have today. A lot of times it involved the business owner conducting sales by networking, word on the streets, or cold calling. Lee shares how important it is for a business owner to change their mindset and be more of an educator and coach when they begin building out a sales team, rather than the doer. He talks about the biggest mistakes he sees when businesses start a sales team and how to avoid them.

What does modern-day discovery look like? Lee discusses the two major components of the current discovery process. He talks about how crucial it is to have an educational component as part of the process and what steps a sales team can take to establish credibility and trust with their prospects.

To wrap up their conversation, Lee emphasizes the time and effort required to kick start a solid sales team. It’s a full-time endeavor that requires at least a 12–18-month commitment to start seeing results and to set the foundation for a successful future. Have additional questions regarding sales team best practices? Connect with Lee on LinkedIn and send him your questions, he would be happy to assist you!