Forensic and Data Services: The Proactive and Reactive Balance

Forensic and Data Services: The Proactive and Reactive Balance

Adam sits down with guests Michael Bösl, CPA, CFE and Steve Wischmann, CPA, CFF, MAFF, CGMA to talk about BerganKDV’s newest service, Forensic and Data Services. Steve and Michael explain that the Forensic and Data Analytics service is two pronged, the proactive side and the reactive side.

Steve and Michael talk about their (many) certifications, the importance of the ongoing training and education, and how it translates to actionable results for their clients. The formation of this new service really started decades ago as they both worked on audits and found their niche in fraud cases, the team is excited to bring more focus and awareness to this important area for organizations.

On average a case of fraud lasts about 18 months and costs organizations $150,000 (or 5% of your organization’s revenue), taking a look at internal controls and ensuring proper task management segregation and management review of any controls in place is key to preventing and catching fraud.

For more information on Forensic and Data Analytics service, check out our press release and if you have any questions reach out to our team

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