Dr. Courtney Haun Discusses the Future of Healthcare Education

Dr. Courtney Haun Discusses the Future of Healthcare Education


On this episode of The Big Plan on Campus, Thomas talks with Dr. Courtney Haun, assistant professor at Samford University’s School of Public Health and director of the health care administration undergraduate program.  

To begin their conversation, Dr. Haun talks to Thomas about her educational journey and career path as a first-generation college graduate from a small town in Tennessee. She shares with Thomas that she knew after finishing high school that she loved education and attended college because of that. She graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration, community health, and marketing. That wasn’t her first chosen route.. She originally wanted to be Miss Tennessee, but when that didn’t pan out, she flipped a coin and pursued her degree in healthcare. 

Dr. Haun tells Thomas how her passion for healthcare grew during an “ah-ha” moment she had as an intern where she shadowed the CEO and CFO at a large hospital in Tennessee. She was watching an open gall bladder removal and became sick, eventually having to leave the room. This caused her to doubt whether the clinical side of healthcare was right for her. After this, she went on to get her masters and PhD at Auburn. At Auburn, she began teaching and realized she found a role where she could combine her two passions for education and healthcare. 

Thomas and Dr. Haun go on to discuss what the pandemic has taught her as an educator in the field of public health. She explains the need for preventative care and what preventative care really is. They then transition their conversation to “The Fauci effect” and the increase in students wanting to enter the healthcare field since the pandemic and the publicity around Dr. Fauci. Healthcare programs and admissions to higher education in general are growing. What can educators do to prepare themselves for the influx of students? Lastly, Thomas and Dr. Haun discuss how the pandemic effected higher education for better and for worse. Tune in to hear their take. 

On this week’s financial planning educational opportunity, Thomas talks about how the retirement plan contribution limits have changed for 2022. There are new limits for the total amount you can contribute to your 401k each year, taking into account COLA (cost of living adjustments). There is also an additional catch-up amount for those over 50 years of age and those who have been with their employer for 15+ years and have a 403b. Listen in to hear the details! 

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