Cybersecurity Best Practices with Jake Wagner

Cybersecurity Best Practices with Jake Wagner


This week Adam sits down with Jake Wagner, BerganKDV’s lead business consultant in our technology solution to talk about cybersecurity, how businesses can be secure and best practices to rolling out a cybersecurity plan.

Jake begins their conversation by giving a brief history of cyberattacks and the types of organizations that are typically targeted by cybercriminals. He mentions how many times, cyberattacks don’t make the news so it can be hard to determine how frequent they are actually occurring. For prevention, Jake recommends organizations use multi-factor authentication starting point. He says how cybercrime is becoming more complex, so it takes multiple methods and a strong cybersecurity strategy to best prevent an attack.

Jake shares how cybercrime is now a $2 trillion industry and is continuing to grow. Adam asks Jake about what states are doing in terms of rules and regulations for prevention. Every state has different definitions and regulations, adding increased complexity for keeping organizations secure.  Jake mentions how more work to address cyberattacks is being done from the federal, state and corporate level by cyber insurance companies.

Jake and Adam then transition to talk about defensibility. Jake advises conducting an assessment of what defense methods an organization has in place to evaluate effectiveness and making an effort to re-evaluate procedures each year to continue improving prevention efforts. Jake wraps up their conversation by discussing the benefits of hiring a third-party cybersecurity company to administer assessments, training and cyberattack prevention procedures to help a business develop its cyber strategy.

If you have additional questions about cybersecurity strategies and mitigating security risks at your organization; BerganKDV can help. Contact our team to learn more about what cybersecurity solutions we offer to protect your organization or join us for an upcoming webinar to review more about cybersecurity awareness.