Business Learning and Development with Cori Power

Business Learning and Development with Cori Power

Cori Power, BerganKDV’s Learning and Development Manager comes on the show to talk to Adam about everything employee development and how organizations can help their team members further their job skills and careers.

To begin their conversation, Cori discusses the impact that a remote work environment has had in the learning and development (L&D) landscape and how she has adjusted her training to be virtual but remain engaging.  Cori also talks about the process of launching L&D efforts at BerganKDV a couple years ago, and what considerations organizations should make before launching a program of their own, including timing, vendors, available resources, intended audience and more.

Adam and Cori dive into what factors can drive a business owner to start focusing on learning and development. These factors can vary, but a common one is growth. They then talk about how an L&D program is a great recruiting and retention tool because it can demonstrate to team members that your organization is invested in their future and continuous improvement. L&D programs also have the potential to define your organization’s culture and can unite team members with a common idea or theme.

The two wrap up their conversation by sharing what next steps an organization can take to evaluate their current L&D offerings. It’s key to identify what is working and what is not working within your program so that it can evolve with your workforce.

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