Business Intelligence and Analytics with Laura Gebauer

Business Intelligence and Analytics with Laura Gebauer

In this episode of Up and Adam, Adam talks with Laura Gebauer, Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics (BIA) at BerganKDV. In their discussion, Laura shares with Adam how BIA insights allow clients predict versus react to financial data and give a more comprehensive view of their business.

The essence of BIA is leveraging technology to transform financial data into actionable insights, which helps organizations set smart goals and make more confident and timely decisions. It takes them on a journey from hindsight to insight to foresight using real time data.

BIA can include a variety of solutions to achieve results, but the BerganKDV team uses the following to deliver meaningful advisory to a client’s organization:

  • KPI and Metrics
  • Budgeting/Financial Modeling
  • Workforce Planning
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Comparison Reporting

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