BerganKDV Hosting Annual REST Week to Focus on Employee Wellbeing and Mental Health

BerganKDV plans to kick off its third annual REST Week from August 29th through September 2nd. REST Week stands for the four key elements of employee wellbeing: Recharge, Energize, Support and Team Health. The firm launched the initiative in 2020 because of the increased stress and uncertainty brought upon its team members due to the pandemic plus the harsh economic and political landscape. Since then, the firm has continued to hold REST Week annually because of the overwhelmingly positive feedback from its team members and to ensure that the importance of mental health and wellbeing remains the fabric of BerganKDV’s culture.

The purpose of REST Week is to have team members take a step back from standard work tasks and instead perform scheduled activities and training that promote mental wellbeing. Featured activities are curated around each key element of REST. This year, some of the activities include interactive training, thoughtfully crafted communications, the distribution of helpful mental health resources and ongoing exercises that team members can carry out in the future.

Another focus in this year’s event is encouraging team members to bring their complete selves to work each day and be open about sharing the interests and hobbies they have outside of BerganKDV. The goal of this focus is to break down the standard belief that conversations had at work should only be job-related and use the unique talents and skillsets from these interests to drive the future of the firm. It’s also a terrific opportunity for team members to connect on a different, more personal level with each other so that BerganKDV can come together better than ever to accomplish its initiatives.

REST Week concludes with Friday being a company-sponsored day off for team members to take time for themselves, reflect on the week’s activities and enjoy a long weekend.

“Fostering an environment that encourages open discussion around mental health and wellbeing is a key element to the culture we are striving to foster at BerganKDV,” said Brittani Von Roden, Director of the People First Team at BerganKDV. “This year’s REST Week comes on the coattails of our firm’s Annual Event and the start of our fiscal year. The main theme from the Annual and the tone we are setting for this upcoming year is one of embracing each other’s unique gifts, breaking down the barriers that hold us back and strengthening our collaboration through open conversations. REST Week is a fantastic opportunity to nurture those conversations and celebrate our employees’ whole selves. I look forward to seeing how this year’s activities make an impact on our colleagues.”



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