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For growing companies, the choice is obvious. 

Managing your company’s financials is the backbone of your business and is vital to the long-term health and viability of your company. Yet attention to your bottom line often takes a back seat during times of increasing revenues and growth. To continue applying the necessary financial rigor to support rapid growth, the accounting department needs the right tools to most efficiently do their job. Enter your solution, NetSuite.


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Advantages of NetSuite

Implementing NetSuite doesn’t have to disrupt your business. The goal is to make your life easier. Our implementation team starts with getting to know your business and your goals. From there we will recommend a solution that will get you to the end goal as efficiently as possible. For some clients that might mean starting with a general ledger and financials and adding other modules as it makes sense. At the end of the day, our team is here to support your business.

1. Scale with ease: Gain the agility, flexibility and scalability your business needs to power innovation and growth.

2. Gain a more complete picture of your business: Built-in business intelligence provides real-time insights into key business performance indicators for a unified view of the organization.

3. Future proof your organization: Bid farewell to version lock and improve agility with software that is always current with all customizations carried forward to support your business.



Small Business

Unlock your company’s growth potential with a modern, agile business solution that is cost-effective, scales rapidly and future-proofs your company for long-term innovation and growth.

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Midsize Business

NetSuite for midsize business enables you to accelerate entry into new markets, quickly add new product lines and more easily engage with customers in new channels. Take your business where it was meant to go.

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NetSuite has unlocked a whole new world of possibility for global enterprises. Across every industry, every business type (B2B, B2C or B2X), in every part of the world, we enable your team to stay agile and flexible.


The Best Cloud Business Suite Implemented and Supported by BerganKDV

We believe delivering unmatched service and value starts with the people on your implementation team. Your business demands expertise and experience. The BerganKDV NetSuite team you would be working with is comprised of a team of individuals that have unique experience that ensures your organization’s goals are reached.

Our team knows NetSuite. Check out our resource library >>


NetSuite is the one unified business management suite,
encompassing ERP/Financials, CRM and ecommerce
for more than 40,000 organizations.

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Crushing the Five Barriers to Growth.

A study was conducted across high growth companies across every industry in every country for nearly 20 years.
Download our guide to check out the most common barriers that hinder business.
Below we share not just the challenges but also practical tips for you to break through and flourish.
Read time: five Minutes

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