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Take your business to the next level. BerganKDV, in partnership with the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance, presents: Listen-Learn-Lead, our thought-leadership webinar series developed to help hone your skills to improve your company’s bottom line. From understanding how to successfully launch a business to how to prepare for the next generation of leaders, we have you covered.

Join us for five 45-minute webinars. Offered at no cost,  you can conveniently join from your home or office! Each session will include the opportunity to ask pertinent questions specific to our content and your business. Register for one, but we recommend checking out all!

Questions? Check out our webinar FAQ.

“Good interaction between presenters. Proper mix of providing information and creating awareness of issues facing businesses.”

– Attendee from session one, Let’s Get Down to Business


April 17, 2018
Let’s Get Down to Business
Lee Roberts and Leighton Smith

Many entrepreneurs get started by capitalizing on an idea they are passionate about and many end up focusing heavily on working in the business. But, to be successful, it is just as important to know how to work on your business, not just in your business.

Bookkeeping, running administrative functions like payroll, accounts receivable and payable, setting up an IT infrastructure are all critical components. In this session, you will learn about these key components, so you can work on your business while working in it!

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May 22, 2018
Protecting Your Assets and Your Capital
Scott Meeker and Michael Bosl

Now that your business is up and running, there are a host of things you need to pay attention to in order to make sure you are protected – from ensuring your data is secure to protecting yourself from fraud risks. In this session, you will hear about things you can do to proactively guard yourself from cybersecurity risks to putting the proper internal controls in place to prevent and detect potential fraud.

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June 19, 2018
Best practices and necessary benchmarks for growth
Gary Wilgenbusch and Jake Foland

Growing our businesses is never an easy endeavor but if you’re like the rest of us, you’ll agree, growth is important. This session is structured to help you set necessary benchmarks to help you identify when it’s time to expand your operations. You’ll also hear about best practices for your company including: identifying and developing key performance indicators, how to calculate your profit margins and how to develop standard and timely monthly financial documents including a balance sheet, income statement and budgeting/cash forecasts.

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July 17, 2018
Getting to the Bottom Line: Understanding how sales taxes impact your business.
Chris Gallo

When it comes to your bottom line, sales and use tax aren’t top-of-mind. But we are finding and assisting businesses just like yours explore the major impacts sales tax can have. More so, with all the ongoing changes around sales tax code in every state, there’s no better time to get in the know. As we’ve already mentioned, this will be extremely relevant and timely topic for all.

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August 21, 2018
Successful Business Succession Starts Here: How to transition from a successful business owner to a successful retiree.
Heather Gunderson and Nick Tilli

When a business owner is asked what they’re doing for retirement, you’ll likely hear “my business is my retirement plan.” Most business owners plow their resources back in to the business and retirement planning can take a back seat. In this session, participants will learn how to address unique challenges and concerns that business owners face: how do I get income in retirement? How do I manage my taxes during the sale and years after? How do I protect my family assets? How do I prepare the next generation of owner?

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