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We believe that our corporate culture sets us apart from other professional services firms.


BerganKDV’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program

Our goal is to create an environment where our workforce is thoughtful and deliberate in our efforts towards greater equality and differentiation in the workplace. The result will be a brighter future for all.

How will we accomplish this?

Our diversity and inclusion council has various initiatives in place to continue creating a culture that fosters growth amongst a diverse workforce. Here’s a glance of what’s underway:

  • Harnessing recruiting strategies that increase applicant pool diversity
  • Partnering with other diversity and inclusion focused organizations in our communities
  • Creating an internal new parent resource group
  • Holding quarterly firm-wide diversity and inclusion training on various topics like generational differences, authentic leadership, implicit bias and diversity defined
  • Monthly book club that creates conversations about varying perspectives and ways our company can improve our workplace to embrace these perspectives

A voice, a seat and a purpose.

We aim to empower our people with programs and tools that cultivate unique perspectives. It takes all of us.

The work ahead of us.

We’re excited about the future, but we recognize we have some work to do to get there. Our commitment is to implement our diversity programs and monitor the results.

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Walking the Walk.

You can belong here.

Members Of Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council Share What It Means To Them


Crystal Ford

Cedar Valley Market Leader

To me, diversity and inclusion means everyone having the same opportunities and chances to succeed and the same opportunity to THRIVE! I am passionate and committed to being a part of our D&I initiatives and creating the future of BerganKDV that we all want to be a part of!


Ian O'Brien

Retirement Education Specialist

I believe that any just society should provide equal rights and opportunities to its members. While our society has always held this ideal, we have consistently fallen short. Being a member of the D&I Council is a way that I can help promote equity and live up to this ideal, both at BerganKDV and in the communities we serve.


Mary Milam

Director of Administration

I want every person to have the same opportunities despite their differences. I don’t believe I am going to change the world. But I do believe I can have an impact on making BerganKDV a more inclusive, diverse and equitable workplace.

We're looking for people who won't just fit our core values, but will help us further them.

Join Our Team

We believe that our corporate culture sets us apart from other professional services firms.