A Trusted, Proactive Partner in Technology

A Trusted, Proactive Partner in Technology
“I truly sleep better at night knowing BerganKDV is taking care of our technology infrastructure.”
// Alex Garnes
Senior Vice President, Veritas HHS

Veritas HHS Senior Vice President Alex Garnes directs the business intelligence and IT functions and has directed consulting projects to develop child support management dashboards for the Kansas and Arizona child support programs. The technology Veritas HHS utilizes helps their employees deliver child support management services to state and county clients using supplemental systems and tools that help manage resources more effectively, ultimately benefitting the families and children these state agencies support.

“When I decided to upgrade my IT Managed Services provider, I reached out to a few of my vendors to get their recommendations. I was looking for a company who would be a proactive partner with me rather than a company that would simply sit back and wait for me to tell them what I wanted to order. From the beginning of Veritas HHS as a company, we have outsourced our IT Managed Services, and that includes using our partner as a trusted advisor.

“On the very first call I made to BerganKDV, I found that connection in Relationship Manager Matt Hatting. He was excited to hear about the project we had on deck – and it wasn’t a small project. We were rebuilding an entire IT infrastructure to handle multiple locations across all of our client states, including Kansas, Tennessee, Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia, as well as corporate locations in Colorado, South Carolina, Texas, Arizona, and Vermont. The scope of the project didn’t deter Matt and soon he was giving me well thought out plans on how we could make this work. During this discovery process, I crossed paths with Reid Graham and found out he had joined the BerganKDV team. The combination of Matt’s thoroughness with knowing and respecting Reid for a long time gave me the confidence that I had found my new technology solutions partner.

“The ace team BerganKDV deployed for our first implementation did an outstanding job. It was obvious that each person was an expert in his field, but also had enough general knowledge to help on the million or so odd tasks we had to do to go live. They stayed with me until midnight on the night we implemented the system to help us get ready and would have stayed longer if I let them.

“The other quite commendable aspect to their support was that they were fun, friendly, and went out of their way to be of use. It really could not have gone better. I also am not overlooking the planning and support that each team member did in advance and during this initiative implementation. My sincerest thanks to the team I worked with during this deployment. Gene, Brian, Matt, Eric and Tyler, you’ve set the bar really high on the level of support I’m going to expect going forward!”

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