The Expertise Needed to Navigate the Unimaginable

The Expertise Needed to Navigate the Unimaginable
"Deciding to partner with BerganKDV really came down to the people. We loved and still enjoy partnering with the BerganKDV team. They were a huge asset to our organization during COVID-19."
// Stacey D'Amico
Controller, Saxton Inc.

Saxton Inc. is a commercial interior solutions company based out of Iowa that has a core purpose of shaping the human experience by creating spaces where people thrive. They leverage their unique concept of “think beyond” to shift the focus from the immediate to the future, from purchase price to long-term cost of ownership, from what you can see to what you can’t see that really matters. They look at space as a part of your strategy to success. For over 40 years, they have helped organizations rethink how they design their interior spaces and the impact a seamless space can have on workplace production and culture. Their services have a national reach having worked with clients in over 25 different states to help make their unique office interior visions a reality.

We recently spoke with Stacey D’Amico, the Controller of Saxton Inc., to discuss the difference BerganKDV’s managed IT services, Elevate, have made for their organization and how our technology team helped Saxton Inc. navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and transition to a remote workforce so that business operations could resume as seamless as possible.

“Deciding to partner with BerganKDV really came down to the people. We loved and still enjoy partnering with the BerganKDV team. They were a huge asset to our organization during COVID-19. We were literally able to have our entire workforce move to a remote setting overnight. As the Controller, my main focus during this time was ensuring we had the HR procedures outlined to keep our team members safe, not having to balance that major task with maintaining our technology in a remote setting was a major relief.

Our staff was able to utilize the BerganKDV technology support process and received the answers they needed in a timely manner so that they could continue their work from home without major disruptions. BerganKDV’s responsiveness with our employee’s questions and helping us update our technology just prior to the pandemic were game-changers for us. I don’t think we would have been able to navigate the sudden changes brought upon us by COVID-19 as smoothly without their expertise and assistance.

Steve Bateman, our assigned vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer), has also been a great resource for us and is readily available for any questions our team may have. He is very knowledgeable, and I appreciate that he can take problems and run with them until they are resolved. Ever since we started working with BerganKDV, it has felt more like a partnership than anything. They function as an extension of our business, and I love that we share similar values, including both of us using EOS as part of our business models. Because of that, we often run on the same rhythm, speak the same language and our meetings are almost always efficient. Being aligned in multiple ways only makes our partnership that much stronger.”

Want us to write your success story? Contact us to learn more about our managed IT Services program, Elevate, and what it can do for your business.


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