Simplifying Complex Schedules

Simplifying Complex Schedules
“The K-pay software has features that are already making a huge difference in our workflows! The more payrolls we process, the better the feedback from our supervisors and directors on the ease of use.”
// Kim Blaeser
Fiscal Services Director, Crittenton Center

Crittenton Center Fiscal Services Director Kim Blaeser is responsible for the agency’s accounting and fiscal reporting. And with 80% of the agency’s resources devoted to payroll, having a human capital management system that is flexible and easy to use is vital for the nonprofit to produce financial documentation to increase stakeholder understanding of the important work being accomplished to help children and families in their community.

“Our organization is a nonprofit who helps children and families succeed. We exist to serve those in need. We provide emergency shelter for children, childcare and preschool education, in-home parenting education, support and developmental screenings by social workers, and a foster care program for older teens transitioning into adulthood.

With all these moving parts along with 24/7 staffing, we needed a payroll system that could keep up with our team’s demanding schedules. In addition, I needed a platform where I could quickly pull reports and not wait on my payroll provider to create those reports for me. Our current system was not meeting our needs and although the project seemed daunting and a bit overwhelming, our team knew that it was time to look at better options. K-Pay was our choice because it was the only platform that we saw that had the scheduling tool that we needed to ensure we had the right mix of staff on hand at all times of the day and night to meet the needs of our clients.

The implementation processes you and your team have in place broke the work down into manageable pieces for us with reasonable timelines that allowed us to stay caught-up with our side of the work. Many on our team had not gone through a software implementation in the past and were naturally apprehensive about it. The implementation team walked alongside us every step of the way and were quick to give us praise and encouragement as we tackled the data transition.

Once the system was set, the training provided to us was personalized and easy to understand. Our trainer is highly skilled at her job but even more importantly, she went above and beyond to help us feel comfortable from answering all our questions to offering meetings via video conferencing so we could see our trainers and interact with them.

As we become more familiar with K-Pay, we look forward to learning even more about what the software can do for us. And, we know our designated Payroll Support Team is available to help us whenever we need them. K-Pay is all we were looking for and more with its robust features that enable us to have the flexibility we need to best serve those in our community who are counting on us.”

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