Acquisition Update on Attest & Nonattest Engagements


As announced on June 5, 2023, BerganKDV has entered into an exciting transaction with Creative Planning, LLC. As part of that transaction, on July 1, 2023, BerganKDV will transfer all of its nonattest business and engagements to subsidiaries of Creative Planning—known collectively as “Creative Planning Business Services.” BerganKDV will continue to provide audit and other attest services to clients, while the Creative Planning Business Services companies, which are not licensed CPA firms, will provide tax, advisory, and consulting services to clients.

Any engagement agreements between you and BerganKDV for audit or other attest services will remain with BerganKDV. Any engagement agreements between you and BerganKDV for tax, advisory, or consulting services will become engagements with Creative Planning Business Services.

We remain committed to providing a consistent client experience and don’t anticipate any disruption to services or quality. You will continue working with the same teams in the same locations as you always have and can reach your service providers at the same contact information.

As part of audit and attest engagements, BerganKDV, pursuant to a services agreement with Creative Planning Business Services, will lease professional and administrative staff, both of which will be employed by Creative Planning Business Services, to support BerganKDV’s performance of those engagements. The professional and administrative staff leased under the services agreement will be under the direct control and supervision of BerganKDV, which will remain solely responsible for the professional performance of audit and attest engagements.

As always, we appreciate your continued partnership and support as we begin this new journey with Creative Planning.

Thank you,


–The BerganKDV Team

Becoming Creative Planning Business Services on July 1